Sunday, 2 February 2014

Room and board. Board and batten. Batten and beaten. J.H. Hatch and mates stand and squat in front of cottage near Ferris Road (49th Ave) in 1894. (CVA)

Deadman's Island was a cemetery until Mountain View opened in 1887. One hundred fifty squatters lived on the island until they were driven out in 1909. (CVA)


In 1990 I lived a few blocks away from the Frances Street Squat. Notes: Six houses occupied. One house wymmin only. Fences taken down. Free store in garage. 80 riot cops arrive on 27.11.90. 30 SWAT team members. Dog teams. Fire trucks. Police spray paint on the back of one of the houses "VPD Rules". Barricades. Fires. No weapons found. (The Beat of Frances Street: Squatting in East Vancouver, Eleven Foot Productions, Part 5/5)

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