Saturday, 5 April 2014

The Malibu Club was built by Thomas F. Hamilton and opened in July, 1941. An aviation pioneer, he developed innovative propeller designs that boosted warplane efficiency. He used part of his vast fortune to construct his pleasure palace in Princess Louise Inlet. (CVA)

Hollywood tycoons and starlets would yacht their way to Malibu for nature excursions and luxurious cocktails. Logger poet Peter Trower has a few of his characters steal a bottle of liquor from the lodge bar in his novel Grogan's Cafe. (CVA)

A polio death at the lodge in 1948, quarantine shut down and dwindling business lead Hamilton to sell Malibu in 1953 to Jim Rayburn, the founder leader of a Christian organization known as Young Life. You can board the freshly painted Malibu Princess in Egmont and stay at the camp after your registration form has been processed.

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