Thursday, 27 March 2014

"In May 1909, Grace Methodist Church was opened on the corner of 16th and Prince Albert... A church hall and gymnasium... added in 1923... A new church building... dedicated in 1959...  burned down... July of 1983... rebuilt in 1984." (Memory BC)

A harvest table laid out in the 1925 version of the church: flowers, squash, a cornucopia. Philip Timms took the picture. He was a prolific photographer and lived well. (VPL)

This is the house where Philip Timms lived with his family. We can see them sitting on the front porch. The house was at 442 East 6th Avenue. The neighboring house at 429 East 6th is standing and equally intriguing. It is possible that he walked to the church to take the harvest photograph. It takes fifteen minutes along modern routes. Must walk through Dude Chilling Park. (VPL)

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