Sunday, 30 March 2014

Philip Timms could have walked from his nearby home to set his photograph of the corner of Main/ Kingsway (nee Westminster Ave/ Westminster Road) in 1908. A dry goods grocer has given away to a cafe in the prow of the triangle. (VPL)

From here the grid erupts into a vast sequence of acute, obtuse and reflex orientations with varying degrees of uniformity.

Between Fraser and Clark the Kingsway grid supports a 30°/60° diagonal, producing unique wedge conditions along the lanes.

Self-guided we begin our 30° Inventory at 16th East behind the John Howard Society building (née Miller Block).

Moving eastward a blanketed tree emerges from laurel layering mid-lane behind luxury auto repair.

St Catherines St (née Martha) and 17th East behind the ICBC edifice. Hobby gardening and fence.

Moving eastward a treated fence encloses a maximum allowable fsr development mid-lane.

Windsor St (née Katheen) and 18th East behind the Korean Restaurant. Low hedging and box.

Moving eastward frost fencing shelters a young cherry tree in bloom near mattress mid-lane.

Glen Drive (née James) and 19th East behind Stan's Transmission. Extremely tight wedging.

Inverness St (née Thomas) and 20th East before the grounds of the seniors compound.

Clark Drive (née Percival) and 21st East marks a shift as the diagonal turns acutely to 40°. An expanse of exposed lawn and an old shed behind the pub.

Moving eastward frost fencing shelters a shaggy cypress behind old theatre mid-lane.

South of Kingsway at Clark the finest expression of diagonal can be found at the Triangle Market. The previously surveyed 40° is complemented here with a sharpened 50°.

(n.b. Euclid via Oliver Byrne; all measurements approximate; option shift 8 = °)

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