Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Fraser River Midden Artifact 1A. Garlic farming in the shadow of a Musqueam burial ground. Itinerant gardeners planting along the vast length of the Arbutus rail line. Plastic lawn chairs, tubs, an old sink, office chairs for committee meetings.

Fraser River Midden Artifact 1B. Contemporary squatting. Post and beam. Wood floors. IKEA furnishings. A scratching post for cats doubles as a bedside table. A view towards the river. Park setting. Close to schools and shopping.

Fraser River Midden Artifact 1C. A cairn memorial to the Midden itself. Stylized after a Celtic marker. No mention of desecration but acknowledgement of obliteration. The neighborhood of Marpole devoid of the century old homes that sat atop the mollusc shells, tools and bones. The rubble of broken foundations filled holes for the construction of apartment blocks. Zoning restrictions allow for three stories, one narrative.

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