Saturday, 25 January 2014

Imagining a day much like this but much earlier and maybe later in the year.  George Preston sat down and wrote or spoke while Major Matthews sat and read or recorded in August 1942: "I remember the last bear being killed; Mr. Hamilton, still living, shot it at St Catherine's (sic) and 20th."

Mr. Preston continued: "He shot the bear on St Catherines St; just about a block from his home on 21st. The place was known as "Pat's Five Acres"; it was a big wide open place which had been cleared, and grown up  with willows, and the bear was crossing St Catherines St." (CVA/J.S. Matthews- Streets/North Arm Trail/Card Three)

Not this bear. Not in these trees, but down the road and out of earshot; similar vintage and doomed in a similar manner. The border of the photo reads, "/6. This bear was annoying the Hindu loggers. M. Quiney shot it. Its two tiny cubs became his children's pets. When big, the sailors [on] H.M.C.S. "Rainbow" got it (sic) as a mascot; the other went to Stanley Park Zoo. Shot at 16th Ave & Collingwood St. 1911."(CVA)

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