Saturday, 4 January 2014

Away from Henry's Nursery. There would be a fire a few blocks along East 15th. Or it happened just around the corner. The smoke plume would have been impressive. A few days before October 6th, 1936. Crenellated pickets.

A two storied house. A section sketched in charcoal. Sticking out above neighbors. The dormers. The old wood-fired stove. The upper floor. May have been a kitchen fire. The records list the house as "vacant." May have been arson. Of note, the lack of trees, the length of the grass, the boy standing in the street looking on.

Three blocks north. VFD Fire Hall 11 @ 900 East 12th.  Capts. J. Lyon and E.L. McLellan. The hall was closed in 1935, only months before that metal bed frame was exposed to the world.

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