Sunday, 26 January 2014

"I was a pall bearer at a funeral. And there was a pool of water in the Tea Swamp at the bottom of the hill on the Cemetery Road, and it was crossed with corduroy, and it was too heavy for the horses to pull back on, so we had to help. Gracious! What a mess I was when I got home". (Conversation: G.F. Upham and Major Matthews, June 1940) (CVA)

Later named Fraser, the North Arm Trail was also Cemetery Road when hushed attendants would steady coffins and grieved ones as they made their way to Mountain View. Emulsion striates the sky of a dust dry day near 33rd circa 1910. (CVA)

The first caretaker's cottage at Mountain View in 1891. A stern looking woman with child. Pickets and clematis perhaps separate the deed from the doer. A stoop with overhang where muddy boots can be removed. (CVA)

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